Walk, Don't Walk Earrings


This pair of fun traffic symbol earrings are made out of the stone howlite that has been carved and dyed. They measure about 1 1/2 "tall. Mounted on silver plated ear wires and finished with a silver curl at the base. One red guy for "don't walk" the other for "walk". Perfect for the traffic engineer in your life.

Howlite is naturally white and often has black lines in it.The stone is natural and has some striations and irregularities. Metaphysical properties - Howlite is a very calming stone. It is excellent for insomnia, as it will help the mind to calm down. This also makes it a good stone for meditation. Howlite teaches patience. Bring howlite to meetings to keep tempers and anger away.

Many color combinations are available. Please check out my other listings.